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dez/ally/austin + halloween scares

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ally dawson + eye rolling // season 3

Anonymous asked:
"Laura has a crying scene in the finale."

Here’s your answer @superjasmindavis39

"In austin and ally does ally cry in one of the episodes if she does what episode was it that austin was wiping her tears away ?"

I’m not sure. Sorry. I don’t think she cries in any episode, I may be wrong though but I remember the writers once answered that Laura doesn’t have a crying scene. 


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the way he saviours her hugs


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where ross accidentally pushes laura off the piano 

- Did you not see the “please do not play the drums” sign?
It’s okay. I’m an awesome drummer. [x]

@lauramarno: I nominate @pink, @SarahKSilverman, and Daniel Radcliffe for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Ooh also met another woman randomly on the street who also happened to be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, and we helped each other 😍😃👍😜🙆❤️